HOW TO DO IT: Boiled Yam And Garden Egg Sauce

Garden Egg Sauce

Garden egg sauce can be served with boiled yam, boiled rice, boiled plantain, agidi/eko or boiled potatoes. It is a kind of recipe that can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

1 1 tuber of yam
2 8 garden egg (either the green or white variety)
3  1 milk cup of palm oil 4 fresh ted pepper
5 2 medium size onions
6 salt and maggi
7 smoked Titus fish (washed)

How to prepare:

Peel the yam and cut into small size, wash the yam and pour in a clean pot. Wash the garden egg  and remove the stalk, add salt and water . Cook untill the garden eggs are tender. Remove the garden egg and cook the yam untill they are tender. Allow the garden egg to cool for 2-4minute and peel off the water -proof skin of the garden egg. Thereafter, pour into blender or mortal, blend or pound into a smooth paste or pure, set aside
      Meanwhile check if the yam is tender, if it is , drain off the water and set aside. Wash the pepper and blend. Pour the palm oil into a clean dry pot, heat untill it is hot enough to sizzle onions when added. Add the onion and fry for 2 minutes . Add the garden egg and fresh pepper, stir for a bit. Cover the pot and cook fry for some time, and stir again. Add salt and maggi to taste, add the fish. You choose to stir vigorously, this will scatter the fish or you can also decide to stir slightly untill the sauce is ready. Allow simmering for 3minutes and it is done.

     You can serve your garden egg sauce with boiled yam. Yummy!!!


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