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Your tomorrow is as close to you as your shadow. The earlier you start creating and making plans for it today, the more successful you become.

           Self evaluation of yesterday and today is the mother of a successful tomorrow. Tomorrow can be seen as the day after the present day and the equation is as follows "My+My"= Tomorrow. Where MY is the total summation of my yesterday and MT is the total summation of my today" . If the total summation of my yesterday is negative, I must ensure that the summation of my today is positive enough to undo the negativity of my yesterday to achieve a positive tomorrow but if my today's positive result is not positive enough to outshine my negative yesterday it will still result to a negative tomorrow. Mathematically illustrated, MY=10, MT= +8 therefore, -10+8=-2 also if MY=-10, MT=+15, therefore -10+15=+5.

        However, in order for you to achieve your purpose in life and be successful your yesterday is as important as the day you were born. So many youth says " forget yesterday and focus on today" but I say reflect on yesterday. Focus on today to achieve a successful tomorrow.

        As graduating students, our tomorrow is very crucial. We all have equal chance of achieving our goals in life. But the question is having you started planning and investing in today? Or are you waiting to get to the bridge before  you cross it? Success is meant for everybody but you decide whether to have it or not.
       Today holds a very great chance of correcting our wrong deeds and lackadaisical attitude towards life. It is a gift from God to undo your negative yesterday. Therefore, take full advantage of the opportunities of today. So many youth will walk into their tomorrow unconsciously with their eyes closed while others will walk into theirs consciously with their eyes open. The story of the popular plantation Boiz is a perfect example to buttress this point, 2face , faze and black face had equal opportunities at the beginning, but the preparation and timely utilization of opportunity distinguished 2face from his contemporaries conclusively. 

Your yesterday might not have given you a positive result but the good news is that you have today to retrace your steps. Evaluate examine and detect those wrong actions, behaviours and decisions and start correcting them. If it will cost you losing some friends, reducing pleasure and getting closer to God  the master planner of your tomorrow do not hesitate to do that because there is nothing known as "our success rather it is my success" The greatest way to predict your tomorrow is to invest in it make your tomorrow count and worth your existence in life.


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