10 Types Of Students You Will Meet In Hostels- AUCHI POLY

10 Types Of Students
You Will Meet In
1. The rich guy/gal: This one comes to school as if he/she is packing into a new apartment. They have everytin, fan, dryer, tv and all sorts of gadgets..and if any is stolen, they get another one ASAP.
2. The Pastors: these ones walk room by room preaching d gospel. not bad though
3. The beggars: these ones beg for anytin....salt, peper, shoes and even boxers...and dey behave as if their father owns the world.
4. The lucky Friends: these ones Always comes around wen d food is ready...as if dem plant camera to monitor you.
5. The village man: this one comes to school wit all sort of tinz like Maize, Iru, cassava flour, cutlass (may b to farm who knws?).
6. The problem solver: this one's room is Always full during exam and test as students wants to get solution to deir academic problems from him..na only God knw whr dem go since.
7. The cooks: these ones enter d kitchen more often than the rats living dere. They cook all day that you begin to wonder if they were employed to cook.
8. The lover boys: This one dont cook but brings food from different gals everyday...i heard its called "COOLER MINISTRY"
9. The thieves: these once will be like, "I like this your Shoe o" b4 u knw it, ur shoe is gone.
10. The gamers: these once plays games...pes, fifa, Nfs, killswitch and others all day.


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