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Greatest Polytes, good evening to you all, I hope UNA DE jolly UNA Night? 

Make UNA no forget say, na today Auchi Poly HND CBT Screening Exercise kick off with school of biz starting first..... 

To All School of Applicants How UNA CBT Screening Exercise go? We hear say some Applicants complain say no be waytn DE expect management bring , while some say the questions too cheap say even secondary school student fit ans am.... 

Tomorrow bn Wednesday as promised by #WapjuniorTV we go always inform UNA the latest news about Auchi Polytechnic and beyond... 

To break and kill the silent, 3weeks ago Naim the long awaited HND Screening management publish the time table, Naim we distribute am e d way we fit inform all the HND Applicants of Auchi Poly..., 2 weeks back Naim management reschedule the HND Screening Timetable Naim DE carry some Schools and Departments come front while the put some for last, because of waytn management do, Naim all the HND Applicants begin Para say how dem go publish another HND Screening Timetable? Waytn do the first one? Which time table dem go bolieve? 

The answer to your question be say, The computer based centers for AUchi na only campus 1 and 2 e DE, the first Timetable wah management publish, the schools and Departments too many as e no go fit harbor all the HND Applicants for that schools and Departments, so therefore Naim DE carry some schools put for last which Thursday.... 

*Abeg do us this little Favour by using 5SECS OF your TIME to share this Post to all HND APPLICANTS way you get for your contact or groups esp Facebook and Whatsapp.. Because 5% of HND Applicants go miss their Screening tomorrow....*

Below na the Schools and Departments way DE do their Screening tomorrow,

DAY 2, Below na the Schools and Departments way DE do their Screening tomorrow, , 12TH OCT.


Departments of Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology and Civil Engineering Technology – E-learning Centre, School of Environmental Studies (Main Campus)

Departments of Agric. & Bio-Env’tal Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology – E-learning Centre, Admin Block, (Main Campus)



Departments of Science Laboratory, Food Technology and Hospitality Management – E-learning Centre, Philipa Idogho Campus


To see The schools and Departments way get their HND Screening CBT Exercise on Thursday kindly click the links below...


Report Use cry enter our studio say, One Girl way be HND Applicant way suppose sit for her HND CBT Screening Exercise 2016 Today something terrible happen to her? 

The person way help and purchase the HND form do her 419, by forging fake HND Application registration form and teller, meaning the person way help and register the Auchi Poly HND 2016 no buy any form at all, na when she DE que for her Screening center DE confirm say na fake HND Application registration form she carry, the worst part, the person na her real real oooo....- 

UNIBEN Kofa portal DE on maintenance mode, DE candidates make UNA check UNA Kofa Account before 12am tomorrow for your Screening Venue... 

Thanks for Reading and sharing our News we promise to continue to give UNA ogbonge news about Auchi Polytechnic and beyond....  Abeg always visit for latest news #WapjuniorTV 

```Make I enter Jattu go visit my Friend babe way born bouncing baby Boy yesterday....```


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