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Auchi Poly News Update 1st #Thursday #December 2016

1st #Thursday #December 2016*Good morning   Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly**Auchi Poly News**By Wapjunior*
. . ✔ *Happy new month to all the Nigerian Students, this month so baba God go open new doors for all of us, as many many blessings go come our way, we no go ever lack this December period, we go get money  take celebrate xmas*. . ✅ *Report from the Student Union Government Auchi Poly, regard to the new acceptance fee way management publish as Nd1 to pay 15k while Hnd 25, the new SUG release circular say make no students pay the acceptance fee yet as dem wan deliberate the issue with management so therefore keep your money for #mmm first*. . ✅ *the newly admitted students of Auchi Poly, make una read this little information, congratulations to una all as una Don get admission at last.... Baba God go give una the strength to finish the race way una wan begin*✔1. As you Don gain admission so, the next thing for you to do na shelter, start to de look for better house way de…

Welcome To DECEMBER! Happy New Month To All Nigerian Students

May this month bring promotion, progr ess,prosperity,victory ,success ,breakthrough,divine healing..Amen.. ..this our mouth of Overflowing blessing with victorious grace.. happy new month#### cares... ... # WapjuniorTV Cc: Happy Independence Day Polytes!

Notice To All The Newly Admitted Students About The Payment Of Acceptance Fee

This is to inform all the newly admitted Auchi Poly students both old and new that the payment of acceptance fee has increased from N5000 to N15000 for ND while N25000 for HND.

Click the IMAGE or link to join Auchi Poly group Chat⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Http

Auchi Poly News Update 29th #Tuesday #November 2016

29th #Tuesday   #November . *Good evening  Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly*
*By Wapjunior*
.*Auchi Poly News*. *finally oooo Auchi Poly Admission List don show*. *congratulations to all the newly admitted students*. *45mins ago Naim management of Auchi polytechnic release her Admission List as DE put ND Admission List for campus 1 gate close to fazal office as DE put HND Admission List for Poly gate close to school of art and design   report reach us say, Management Favour alot of ND And HND aspirants  as people way come check just DE jubilate...*.*abeg we go help all the ND And HND aspirants check just visit this link >> and drop your details thanks**the News is brought to you by #WapjuniorTV for AUchi Poly Official Gist /Online Publicity*
*Auchi Poly Hot Line Call +2348101006164*
Click Here ==> _Make I RCF go chop my evening food…

Breaking News : Auchi Poly Admission List 2016/2017 Is Out | CLICK HERE TO CHECK

The long awaited list is finally out.. Click the IMAGE or link to check your Auchi Poly Admission Status ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ 

Breaking News : Auchi Poly Admission List 2016/2017 Is Out | CLICK HERE TO CHECK

Auchi Poly News Update 28th #monday #November 2016

28th #monday #November . *Good Morning Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly*
*By Wapjunior*
.*Auchi Poly News*. *Happy Monday*.  ✅ *Yesterday churches for AUchi Poly get low turn out of students as morning students don begun travel go their various destination...*. .  ✅ *2days ago bike way carry Our Vice President SUG #Osinachi and her friend get small accident for campus 2 road as the duo sustain small injury, we pray baba God go continue to keep UNA alive as UNA go finish waytn UNA Start for AUchi Poly...*. . 
 ✅   *Genesis DE thank all the polytes esp the newly elected SUG 2016 and Mass comm students way come celebrate with am for him graduation party yesterday , as him say baba God go continue to bless UNA*
. . 
 ✅   *if you apply for AUchi Poly and you DE wait for the admission list to be out kindly visit >>> to drop your details so that we go help you check for…

Check Your Auchi Polytechnic Admission Status Here For ND/HND 2016/2017

Great Polytes we are delight to inform you that the Auchi Polytechnic Admission List 2016 for ND And HND will be coming out soon, kindly drop your details for us to help check your name via the notice board when the names are out.
Courtesy -  #WapjuniorTV

He died for you ..Do you have 2 sec to type Amen for Him??

Do you Have The Time To W@TCH Just Two Mins Of His Sorrowful Passion??

Auchi Poly News Update 26th #Saturday #November 2016

26th #Saturday #November . *Good Morning Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly*
*By Wapjunior*
.*Auchi Poly News*. *Happy Saturday To you all*. *Management still DE talk for the matter about Spat 2nd semester exam, as we hear say na January Naim dem go start their exam while we also DE hear say na next month, make UNA calm as we go update UNA for any latest news*. *Management don almost set to release their Admission List make all the ND And HND aspirants know say na first batch Naim dem go release base on merit*. 
*Graduation graduation graduation, from the stable of good tidings, #Genesis DE invite all the students of Auchi Poly to him graduation party way go shelle tomorrow bn Sunday red carpet na 2pm main event na 4pm, venue Usman Lodge opp new borehole, assembly church road small London iyakpi sabo*
. . *Auchi Poly Spat Form for 2016/2017 Academic Session, not the form na 15k, you fit get the form any where you DE for Nigeria, just ring our help line for…

Auchi Poly News Update 25th #Friday #November 2016

25th #friday  #November . *Good Morning Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly*
*By Wapjunior*
.*Auchi Poly News*. *Thank God na Friday... HAPPY GRADUATION TO ALL FINAL YEAR STUDENTS OF AUCHI POLY*. * congratulations to all the final year students of Auchi Poly if we start to DE mention names today we no go finish am,...*. *na yesterday Auchi Poly final students for regular programme finish their final papers as we record many activity for school yesterday most students way graduate yesterday na blue and white DE wear, from school of biz down to school of ict   Engr etc as DE give some of the final students exam malpractice form to fill *. 
*finally we hear say ASUU don cancel the 1 month national strike as DE advice all lecturers and students to resume, but as for ambrose Alli University DE neva resume unto the Riot way happen*
. *Auchi Poly don almost ready to paste their ND And HND Admission List , make UNA ready as the admission list go fall out soon*. *Au…

FG Cannot Pay The N248 Billion Demanded By ASUU Due To Recession - Minister

The Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chris Ngige has stated that efforts to resolve the crisis between ASUU and the Federal Government was stalled due to the fact that the union is demanding N248 Billion as payment for earned allowance.
He mentioned that among the 8 demands presented by ASUU, it is only the issue of earned allowance that is still unresolved.
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According to him, the Federal Government will not be able to cough out such an amount of money at the moment considering that the economy of the nation is currently in recession.
He further stated that the government proposed to be paying a certain amount to ASUU on a monthly basis pending when the first tranche of money earlier disbursed to ASUU for that purpose will be audited.
However, ASUU brought up a counter proposal which made the two parties to retreat to allow further consultations after which they will reconvene to continue negotiation and hopefully resolve the issue.

JAMB Enables Checking Of Admission Status & Printing Of Admission Letter, 2016 - See Procedure

This is to inform all 2016 UTME candidates that the Joint Admission and Matriculation board has enabled the portal for candidates to check their admission status and print their admission letters on its new e-facility website.
How To Check Your Admission Status
-Create an account by clicking here .... Continue reading after this commercial break....
-Login to the portal with your login details
-Click on "Check Admission Status"
-Enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided.
-Click on your “Check admission status” to view your admission details.
If you have been given admission, the next step will be to print your admission letter.
NOTE: Ensure you've confirmed your admission status before proceeding to print your admission letter
How To Print Your Admission Letter
-You shall be required to create a profile via the Sign Up (New User) Page if you are a new user. For existing users, simply type in your login details. To…

Champions League!! Arsenal V Paris Saint Germain (DROP YOUR PREDICTIONS!!!!)


Auchi Poly News Update 18th #Friday #November 2016

18th #friday  #November . *Good Morning Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly*
*By Wapjunior*
.*Auchi Poly News*. *Thank God na Friday... make UNA no forget be your neighbours keeper*. * Harmattan don finally enter Auchi, as some students don begin buy Lips stick and Rub, just to put their lips in other make e no for no  tear....*. 
*All the final Students don begin prepare for their graduation party as we get plenty plenty Party to cover that day....*
. *Auchi Poly don set to release her ND And HND Admission List, as dem DE wait make the morning students finish their exam first so that make no clash...*. *Auchi Poly Spat Form for 2016/2017 Academic Session, not the form na 15k, you fit get the form any where you DE for Nigeria, just ring our help line for procedures and guidelines.... NOTE the form go sell go reach December as the school neva publish Screening date for am...*. *2days ago for inside Lagos State, Naim  group of lagosians beat one person, e no …

Finally: Official Whatsapp Video Call App Is Now Available – “See How You Can Fix Yours And Enjoy!”

After months of anxious waiting, WhatsApp users will finally get the most desired feature in the messaging app – video calling. A few days back, Whatsapp Officially Launched video Calling , and the features is being rolled out, now it available on all platforms.Updated WhatsApp with support for video calling for Android, iOS and windows phone has officially been released, so you simply need to update the feature to make your first video call. If your Windows phone, iOS or Android device is not set to receive automatic updates, or if you are not sure if WhatsApp has been updated, simply go to the App Store or Google Play and check for available updates.
I’ve tried the video call feature and its a wow feature. If you are still using the old version of whatsapp, you are missing a lot, kindly upgrade to the last version 2.16.352 from Play Store now.If you are yet to upgrade yours, download Whatsapp version 2.16.352 from Google Play Store – Download NowNOTE: that for WhatsApp video calling …

#SigningOutDay – See Random Photos From Students Of Auchi Polytechnic Signing Out Day

Few days to go, final students of Auchi Poly will be rounding up their last semester to graduate, here are some of the pictures from various schools @ their signing Out Day.. 
Photos below... 

More photos coming....

Lagos Residents in Shock as Man Takes Delivery of Bugatti Veyron Worth Almost N1Billion

In a video clip which emerged online few hours ago and has already gone viral on social media, a massive crowd was seen gathered in awe as a Bugatti Veyron is being offloaded in Nigeria. As the majority of Nigerians continue to
feel the hardship caused by an economy
in recession, a Nigerian has today,
November 16, taken the delivery of a
brand new Bugatti Veyron luxury car. With 1,001 horsepower pumping from
its W16 engine, the Bugatti Veyron is
tagged the world’s most powerful
production car. And with a heavy price
tag of millions of dollars, it is also the
world’s most expensive new car. A check by Tori News reveals that the
multi-million naira luxury car which is
being acquired by rich celebrities
inlcuding Floyd Mayweather, Cristiano
Ronaldo, Serena Williams and others,
retails from a whooping $1.7 million (N534,851,893.22).

Sad!!! 7-year Old Boy Beaten To Death In Lagos For Stealing Garri

A 7-year old boy was reportedly lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for attempting to steal garri from a trader’s shop.
It is unclear why the Nigerian Police did not respond to the situation. Jungle justice is fairly common in many Nigerian cities, where the sense that the system cannot provide justice compels mobs to mete out immediate ‘justice’.
Download The Video

Tribute Message To Dr Mrs Philipa O. Idogho : Ex-Rector Of Auchi Polytechnic

Many hated you for been good.
Many thought you weren't good enough to lead.

Where are you Mother?
I must confess we are missing you
I personally am missing you.
Great auchi polites is missing you.
Spat students are missing you.
So many of us who hoped to school without pain are missing you.

Where are you Mother?
We've been in school for six months instead of three to four months
for one semester yet no exam.

Now we been denied access into the school premises because most of us
could not afford to pay our fees on time.
During your time you allowed us write our examination even without
payment because you believe Education WA the ultimate.

Where are you Mother?
You always made difficult things look easy for us

You would go far and wide to make sure we don't embark on strike
When other schools are on strike you made sure Auchi Polytechnic never
joined them.
You never allowed Fazal securities embarrass the student to the extent
of shooting at them.
You always make sure things a…

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Download Music : Auchi Poly Theme Song 2016 - Finally Made It [F. M. I]


Auchi Poly News Update 15th #Tuesday #November 2016

15th #Tuesday #November . *Good Morning Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly*
*By Wapjunior*
.*Auchi Poly News*. 
*Make UNA no vex say we no bring UNA Auchi Poly News for inside last week na because one of our crew travel go United state of A. Unto the election way happen last week as him don come back last night with plenty of goodies*
. *Morning Students don almost DE round up dier second semester exam as so far the school management don record students way collect exam malpractice, according to report we gather, this year many students go graduate automatically as na the highest year way students go graduate automatically meaning The school don pursue dem go their mama and house auto exam malpractice matter... As from Next week, the Final year students way go graduate 24th of this month go begin drop their Graduation Party date...*. * Spat students on the other hand go begin their 2nd semester exam immediately 2 weeks after morning students finish their e…

Breaking News!! US Election 2016 Result: Trump Beats Clinton To Take White House

Donald Trump will become the 45th US president after a stunning victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Associated Press news agency reports.
The Republican nominee’s projected victory came down to a handful of key swing states, despite months of polling that favoured Mrs Clinton.
The battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina cleared the way for his Brexit-style upset.
Global markets plummeted, with the Dow set to open 800 points down.Source BBC
Click the IMAGE or link to join Donald Trump Whatsapp Group Chat ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ Http

UNIBEN Pre-Admission Screening Admission List Released 2016/2017 - READ DETAILS!!!

This is to announce to all Pre-Admission screening candidates that the University of Benin
has officially released the Long Awaited Admission List. This has been confirmed by Uniben Gist. To check if you are admitted Login to the Uniben kofa Page with your id and password. On top of the screen you will find that "submitted" has been changed to "admitted" .

UNIBEN Direct Entry Admission List 2016/2017 Released - READ DETAILS!!!

This is to announce to all Pre-Admission Direct Entry screening candidates that the
University of Benin has officially released the Admission List after releasing the screening score some weeks ago. To check if you are admitted Login to the Uniben kofa Page with your id and password.GOODLUCKClick the IMAGE or link to join UNIBEN Whatsapp Group Chat
⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

UNIBEN 2016/2017 Academic Calendar Released

Below is the University of Benin approved academic calendar for the 2016/2017 academic
session...1ST SEMESTER 2016/2017
…………… – New students come into residence for 2016/2017 academic session.
05/9/2016 - 9/9/2016 – Senate meets to consider sessional results for higher levels for 2015/2016 academic session.
14/9/2016 – Business Committee meets to consider sessional results for lower levels.
Source -  www.auchipolyinfo.com7/10/2016 – Old students come into residence for 2016/2017 academic session.
10/10/2016 – Lectures begin for 1st semester 2016/2017 academic session.
24/11/2016 – Deadline for registration and payment of school charges/fees For 2016/2017 - academic session (six weeks)
02/12/2016 – Matriculation (8 weeks after resumption).
16/12/2016 – End of 1st semester lectures for 2016/2017
19/12/2016 – 02/01/2017 Two weeks Christmas Break 03/01/2017 – 06/01/2017 Revision
09/01/2017 – Examinations begin in Faculties of Education/Pharmacy/Engineering/ Life Sciences/Physical Sciences 13/01/2017…

Reverend sister caught with Reverend Father In A Bad Act

As you can see many things are happening in this world,
there no point of lamenting, the issue is that we are in the endtime,
look at what reverend sister and reverend father was caught doing and
both are servants of God, Although this is a movie both it happens in
this our generation, how i wish you will have the time to look at what
they were really caught doing, you need to feed your eyes with this.
Click the The IMAGE or link to W@TCH V1DE0 BE10W
⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

Auchi Poly News Update by #WapjuniorTV #5th #Saturday #NOVEMBER 2016

5th #Saturday #November 2016 

*Good Morning Greatest Nigerian Students of Auchi Poly*.*By Wapjunior*.
*Auchi Poly News*
. *Make we DE Pray for Auchi Poly so that the Final Year Students go go graduate with better result as the newly ND And HND Aspirants go gain Admission via their respective course, also make we pray for good health of lecturers of Auchi, the Rector and the fazal security so that even if we wear Singlet and short skirt dem go allow is enter school...*. 
*Morning Students don begin Deir 2nd semester exam since 31st of last month as dem get 19 days left to finish dier exam, we DE wish all the Regular Students success for their exam....*

*So far, 10 plus  students from Diff school Naim DE don give Malpractice form as DE catch each of dem DE do Expo, the one way surprise us be say, One Boy go de help him babe DE write exam....*

*Spat Form for ND And HND 2016/2017 still DE on sale, as the amount na 300naira Diff for the ND And HND, the price tag na 15k…

See Latest News About Auchi Poly ND And HND Admission List 2016/2017

This is to inform all ND And HND Prospectives students that The Admission List would be out soon, latest ending of this month... Always stay in touch with us for more latest News... Click the IMAGE or link to join Auchi Poly Whatsapp Group Chat
⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

JAMB Adopts New Method For 2017 UTME Registration

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has disclosed that it will deploy “pin vending” for the 2017 UTME test registration.
This was made known by the board’s Head of Media and Information, Dr Fabian Benjamin, on Wednesday.
According to him the public especially prospective UTME candidates should start getting familiar with the new system as the board will no longer make use of scratch cards.
“Candidates wishing to register for the examination will just make online payment and get a pin with which they can upload their data.
“This new pin vending will be accessible through the options of web payment, ATM issued cards like Visa, Verve, and Master card, online Quick Teller, mobile application and Bank Branch case/card.”
He further mentioned that the board is working to ensure that some of the challenges experienced during the 2016 UTME won't re-occur in 2017 UTME.
He however added that is it does not mean that the examination will be totally hitch free.
The spokesman also said that t…

FG Approves The Establishment of 8 New Private Universities

The Federal Government has approved the establishment of 8 private universities in the country.
The approval came during the Federal Executive Council meeting at the presidential villa following recommendation by the NUC.
The eight approved universities include Anchor University, Ayobo, Lagos; Arthur Jarvis Akpabuyo University, Calabar, Cross River; Clifford University, Owerinta, Abia; Coal City University, Enugu; Crown Hill University, Kwara; Dominican University, Ibadan, Oyo; Kola Daisy University, also in Ibadan; and Legacy University, Okija, Anambra State.
Mr. Onwuka said the new universities were given three years provisional license.
The universities which have been given 3 years provisional licences will be mentored by older universities.
Anchor University will be mentored by the University of Lagos, Jarvis University by the University of Calabar and Clifford University by the University of Agriculture, Umudike.
Coal city University will be mentored by the University of Nigeria Nsukk…

Download Video : #MediaSwagz2016 3rd Edition, Department of Mass Comm Auchi Poly @Wapjuniorfilms

Watch the Video of Department of Mass comm Annual Event #MediaSwagz2016Download Video


#TUESDAY , 1ST Of #NOVEMBER 2016 #AUCHIPOLYTECHNIC | #UNIBEN | #AAU #EDOSTATE SCHOOL NEWS with #WAPJUNIOR ^UNA LOVELY MORNING OOO.. ¤ Of the Greatest Nigerian Students!! Get first hand EDO School NEWS Whatsap no. +2348101006164.JOIN Auchi Poly Group on Facebook click the link below to join➡*JOIN Auchi Poly Whatsapp Group Chat click the link below to join ➡*_CLICK the link below to like Auchi Polytechnic Facebook page*++EDO SCHOOL NEWS more news at: *```Abeg Forward This Post To All Auchi Poly Students on Whatsapp```____________ * #WapjuniorTV DE wish all the morning students success as they begin their 2nd semester exam for the finalist #ImustGraduate2016 #God is your strength*. *FOR YOUR FREE ADVERT VIA OUR PLATFORM CONTACT US TODAY*. *➡Check your AAU Admission Status via …