Monday, 20 February 2017

Auchi Polytechnic SUG PARK VS Auchi Polytechnic SUG OFFICE

Mr Jimoh Idris Umah

The chairman of the student union government park (S.U.G) Mr Jimoh Idris Umah recently in an interview with Auchi Poly Gist. Lament that despite her annual payment of dues to the office of the student union Government. The student union office has neglected the park in terms of providing conducive environment for passengers. As the place is not attractive. This neglect has reduced the parks patronage. As most passengers prefer taking bus from attractive parks

Can we meet you ?
CHAIRMAN: My name is Jimoh Umar Idris. The MD of the Student union park
How has it been from the beginning ?
CHAIRMAN: This park started when the school was a technical school. Many years ago. Then there was corporation from the student affairs division and SUG office, due to this corporation we agreed to have a park for student so as to curb accidents, kidnapping among other vices.
    As time progress it is so pathetic that despite our corporation and annual payment. The SUG do not assist us any longer. So we have to struggle to maintain the park ourselves. We are here because we pay to the SUG account.
Is the school aware of the dues paid?
CHAIRMAN: Yes the former rector tried her best to ensure the park was decorated. But due to the road construction and expansion, it has been difficult for us here as we move from pillar to post.
Sir this is a company, a profit making entity the money generated should be used to beautify the park. So why the complain?
CHAIRMAN: Yes we make a little although I have being trying my best to beautify it all I need is corporation from SUG as the former administration provided. He should include the park in his budget at least the park is being named after his office. If he does this students will forever be grateful to him and we also wont forget him
What have u offered so far to students?
CHAIRMAN: A lot our delivery is the best compared to other parka. We deliver cooked foods we also assist students who  needs to travel for emergencies looking at mt drivers. They are not rogues their speech and diction are correct. I don't employ arrogant workers here. We are educated in this skill.
What is your expectation Sir?
CHAIRMAN: I expect change from the upcoming SUG president he should assist us pass the budget by so doing, we will get more patronage from students.


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