Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Poly Pedestrian Bridge: A Tasteless Salt - AUCHI POLY

Auchi Poly Pedestrian Bridge

It is a popular saying that when "salt loses its taste, the tendency for its value to be relegated to the background is not debatable".

However, these could be related to the gradual neglect of the Auchi Polytechnic pedestrian Bridget when ever its rains. It is no longer a news to students who reside in sabo Ibie how the pedestrian Bridget has turned a " water log Bridge ", following the high volume of erosion that usually flood the over - head Bridget thereby subjecting students to an untold hardship in using d Bridge. Therefore, this could be the reason why students prefer using d express road when there is heavy rain down pour if rain or hold the Bridget rakes (protector) to avoid the erosion.                                    

 However, during a visit to the pedestrian Bridge by the communicators Reporters, it was revealed the level of stress and risk students are exposed to while trying to use the bridge each time it rains, as students were seen holding the protector by the side of the bridge, some folder their trousers, pull their shoes as they try to pass through. While a large number of student were seen crossing the Auchi / Benin express road.                                    
 Students have called on relevant authority, which includes the S.U.G body to act fast in other to save students from the stress and danger. In the same vein, an HNDll  Civil Engineering students, Godfrey added, "there is no doubt that, students interest is not properly represented by those who claim to be our leaders,   it is a pity that, the bridge is gradually loosen its value because we find it difficult to access the bridge whenever it rains. Sometimes, we manage it by holding the protector by the side which u know is very risky, if any of your property slip off your hand that will be the end of it". He continued, "I almost lost my phone to the tarred road the other day when I tried to hold the protector. The painful part is this, anytime S.U.G election is coming, all this aspirants usually turn here to a campaign ground, you will see them sweeping the flood, but after the election, nobody talks about it again. This is the reason why most students don't use the bridge, we prefer using the main road".                

However, students beckon on the S.U.G  president-elect  that the tastiness that the bridge once had, should be reinforced.

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