Thursday, 2 March 2017


Auchi Poly Student Cooking With Firewood

Since General Muhammadu Buhari Emerged winner of the presidential election of the All Progressive Congress [APC], there has been a lot of jubilation in many parts of the country especially for those who desired "change" and those who hated corruption with passion. Also, the Nigerian students were not left out, as the President promised to tackle lot of challenges around us with the word "change"

Now the question is "Are Nigeria student experiencing change and what kind of change and what kind of change is it? One year after assuming office everyone has expressed disappointment in administration as the change they desire has became their worst nightmare and the Nigeria students are saying that there is hunger and starvation because of the increase in price and cost of things in the market. 

As the President fights corruption, Nigeria students are equally praying that he should also fight hunger and poverty. As many students cannot pay their schools fees, buy text books. Parents do not have enough money to give their children as it used to be, because there has not been increase in salaries. Sellers are complaining, buyers are lamenting, landlords are complaining that some students have not been able to pay their full payment of their house rents ; companies are folding up because the economy is hard.

Transportation cost has increased. Virtually nothing is reducing but increasing by the Day.
According to a source who pleaded for anonymity says "as a student I can go to the market with N500 and make soup and stew  but now N500 cannot make pot of soup and that this is not the change that was bargained for".

During our visit to sabo, it was discovered that the students make use of firewood to cook as the cost of kerosene is unbearable and unaffordable to most students. Kerosene which previously sold for an hundred, naira per litre, now sells for 280 per litre.

Mrs. Saidu Joy, a trader said "there is decline in the rate which things are brought in the market because students are managing their money, and there is low patronage as student barely buy drinks, meat, pepper soup as they used to". She lamented.

According to Sherifat, she said that the economy is really telling hard on the Nigeria student and that something needs to be done before it get out of hand.
Students are asking questions like we do still have a secured future in this country?
Where hunger, starvation, poverty has become the order of the day? 

Recently, members of the National Association of Nigeria Student [NANS], visited the President of Nigeria in Abuja and it was revealed that President Buhari promised that he will do his best to make Nigeria students happy. Also, Students should be ensured that there's hope and a great future ahead of them. 


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  1. This publication is good... hope your president reads it to change! Regards to Gen. M. Buhari