Sunday, 16 April 2017

FAZAL Task Students On Morality - AUCHI POLY

Fazal Security Auchi Poly

Fazal security and guards ltd, the organ responsible for protecting lives and properties, and also responsible for maintaining peace and tranquility in the school, speaks on her challenge which range from insults from students, late payment of salaries amongst others.

  According to Babatunde, a fazal officer, he laments that the major challenges are from student. Students who know that their mode of dressing is not in conformity with the school's standard, still insist on taking classes on such dresses.

     "Students do not respond to our calls, the ones that respond ensure that we are adequately insulted. What do you say when a student tells you that he/she can pay your monthly salary without delay? Or he tells you that your life and family depends on his/her school fee?
What an insult. I mean it is disrespectful" he added.

      Further more, an anonymous security officer, reveals that students nowadays are not respectful. She added "we were once students , and at then we respect elders, not now that students do not respect their lecturers not to mention fazal officers"

       According to her, "Security is about protecting lives and properties, but student hinder us from being law abiding as they are rude and indiscipline. Most of these students delight in making us talk"

     However, the security officers appreciate the effort of the management. They however appealed that early payment of salary should be enforced, as this will motivate them into putting their best into work.

     The fazal unit also calls on student to be law abiding and moral, as this will save them from embarrassment and unnecessary disruption of school activities.



  1. there is a way of addressing someone.most of the fazals doesnt know how to talk to students.most of them are old enough to be our parents,if they respect themselves there is no how student wont respect them.imagine fazal telling student eh diot come here,its so many times i have witnessed it.