Reading Un-Negotiable Key To Personal Development

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Reaching and maximizing ones potential should be a foremost aspiration of everyone. The need to improve and develop oneself to be totally independent for the achievement of personal distinction and mystery cannot be over emphasized.

         Dennis Waitley said "Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself". You must see value in yourself, this according to John C. Maxwell, is the law of the mirror, amongst other laws in his book, the 15 invaluable laws of growth mastery in self leadership is proof of an individual's effort to improve every of his faculty. Reading constantly is the most common dominator of accomplished and aspiring leaders in every generation. An active life of reading an non-negotiable to be a total person.

"Read to refill the wells of inspiration", was the advice of Harold Ockenga, who took a suitlease of books on his honeymoon! If a man is known by the company he keeps so also his character is reflected in the books he read. Our reading should be regulated by who we are and what we intend to accomplish.

The not-too-distance past, NANS would have engaged the problem of insurgency in the country offering alternative views on the way the problem has affected its interests as a critical section of the country's population. When the 19 years old pre-degree of yobe state university, Hassan Mohammed Damagum, was killed in the Bomb attack in Damaturu While he was trying to stop the sucide bomber last year, NANS would have found its voice in condemning the ugly and costly invasion of its territory by Boko Haram goons. Not today's NANS however.

      Having been successfully infiltrated by all manner of questionable characters from cultist to professional students who never graduate from their schools, it would seem that NAN is now contented with providing services for politicians, lending its voice to their spurious and craven crusades in the forlorn hope that would offer some kind of legitimacy to the politician's preposterous interest, at a cost, of course. Since when did NANS become an association that confers awards? Was that part of its expected roles for which it was registered? The story of NANS, however could not have been different from what happened to other national institutions that have equally been attacked by insidous corruption along the line of movement through the previous leadership styles that had found NANS livid and excoriating criticisms intolerable, and which tried to distory it by whatever means, including the lingering and long bans placed on the students' union of publc universities and polytechincs and starvation of its statutory Funds.

     Today, there are various versions of NANS and it is even hellacious to know which of them is actually the genuine, authentic union representing the students of the country because some criminal elements with deleterious intentions may have seen the potential for making money in the association by seizing its reins.

           However, NANS remains a viable link to this critical sector of the population (STUDENT) for any inventive and creative administration, and for this reason, all it needs is to be restored and re-focused, its transgressions notwithstanding. Being the voice of the youth,NANS is expected to display the activism and doggedness of that category in the various national discourses. It is also even expected to sponsor discussions and to air the views of the national discussion to air the views of the critical sector of the population. But it cannot do so as it is presently constituted with disoriented characters in charge of its affairs. It has to be reformed and the only way to do that is to return active and responsible student unionsm to the campuses where the country's future leaders can receive training. I believe that NANS can be restored for positive purposes and that it is even necessary in a democratic dispensation such as the country currently has. It will be part of the institutional revivification needed to entrench democratic values in that sector.


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