Monday, 3 April 2017

The Tragic Rape Of A Continent

Rape Victim

Yeah, i am not disputing that she is a beautiful woman. An epitome of beauty in a rope of corruption. She has a wrapper of dishonesty. Her head-gear is that of bribery. Perfect under wears of immorality. A pair of shoes depicting violence, her golden wrist watch reflects poverty. She has a bag of deceit. She is scenting so unreliable and dangerous, i guess she used a body spray of rancor and acrimony. What a perfect being!!!.

     These were the thoughts that made my heart a battle field as i reflected on my dear nation, but my pen was just too sturborn as it took out my thoughts because it cannot shield itself from justice.
       It is a known adage that "if death does not come through an internal source never will it come from an external source ". I will Like to chase the hyena into the thick forest before bouncing back on my erring cock that was sold out. Hundreds of years ago, thousands of months ago, i learnt that out fore father never set their eyes on a ship yet, they transverse in their own little ways. Our mothers never heard the sound of am air plane yet they never glamour to fly in the sky because they were satisfied with their God-given environment and never saw a reason to compete with the birds in the air.

          Our great brothers traveled from one village to another and never wished for a car. The beauty of our sisters reflected the underfil african beauty in their native attires and they never clamored for any clothes that will reveal what ought to be their private part while the law of morality for bad them to put on any attire that will expose their cleavages. Young men never saw a reason to lay ambush for ladies in a bid to take their pride by force.

        Unfortunately one night our fathers all went to bed. The songs of the birds fill the air, the moon and the stars illuminated the night and frogs croaked in unity. The children were in a deep sleep after the usual moonlight folktales. Crickets gave their usual sounds. Big trees shook their leaves to greet the cool passing breeze while the small trees bend to pay homage to the sea breeze...  Then silence complemented the night.

Our feathers never knew that night was a "send-off'' party of our God- given nature and tradition until the terrific noise of the airplane told them It was time to wake up. They saw the large object moving on the sea .the large object was filled with men. The white man took over our land and made us slaves. They took our goods and called us fools. The big trees were severed and thus, nature began to fade away. our mountains and rocks were broken into pieces and we felt unsecured. They took Our father's multi-purpose attire and gave them a war uniform. They confused our young men that a gun is not meant for hunting alone but the wrath of the bullet could be involved on our offending brothers. They encouraged the negative minded leaders among our fathers to embrace looting as they could always save all ill gotten treasures in foreign lands.

        Nude pictures were seen on papers all over the land and the young men became sex hungry while the ladies continue mourn the premature and unjustified death of their virginity.the jar of palm win was taken from us in exchange for foreign gin only for our decent fathers to turn their gentle wives to punch bags after a cup which got their thought wild. They sent morality to the grave and gave our young ladies clothes that were in on way batter than walking nude. Our sisters looked into their mirror and hoped for a fair skin like them, thus buried the African pride and dignity to lay their back free from them for a tube of skin lightening cream.

     Even when they came to our kingdom, they had their bibles and we, our lands. When they taught us how to pray, they encouraged us to close our eyes and we foolishly obeyed them.When we opened our eyes,we had the bible and they our lands.They told us to limit our call on God and rather resort to wars in certain situation.Our words for discussion became swords for destruction.

     Years after we started growing in greed while we excelled greatly in theft.We top the world chart in corruption.We took over the internet and defrauded them heavily.Their guns we took along as beat their security intellegence. They introduced us to hard drugs and when we hit their country with the drugs bag,they panicked in fear of loaming danger. We forgot the settler's doorsteps and took to violence in addressing issues. We became a global threat as they never sleep with both eyes closed in fear to exhibition of the animalistic idiosyncrasy they have infused into us. They were able to restrict our actions our thoughts they failed to get back to normal hence we go haywire.

        They raped our continent, defiled our culture took over our pride and now, they turn back to put the blame on us restricting us in their countries with the credence that we are an impending doom.
      Now my dear readers, who is to be blamed, a teacher who taught the student that the addition of three and three is six, or the student who proceeded to study hard, and improvised on the foundation to his knowledge, to discover that three and three can make a perfect nine, by a simple act of multiplication.

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