Life Is Not A Competition Episode 1 By EmmiGenius (A Must Read)

Until we young people stop seeing life as a competition among ourselves things wont get better Cos u see someone wearing designers and u not wearing so u just assume u rr below standard ladies cos u see ur fellow lady in a big car dat belongs to someone else so u think u re below standard or cos u see people chasing after material things and u cant afford u will try to always join the game c'mon life is not a competition. Guys u see ur fellow guy using iphone, wearing designers, clubbing all night, lodging in all the hotels,changing rides and cos u dont have or do any of diz u think u re inferior or u think u re below standard c'mon wise up 👆 don't ever try to compete with anyone in life u might not even know d source of their wealth and yet u wanna be like them Life is no competition We all were created for different purpose in life but when u start derailing from Gods original purpose for ur life to chase after what pleases u God leaves u alone and incase u dont know there are mistakes that doesn't come with second chance rather it is been paid with life Its time we young people start thinking wide irrespective of ur Gender, ladies its time u start trying to be independent and stop depending on one guy that has little money to take care of u.. Guys its time we start using the money we get from whatsoever we do to better our lives instead on lavishing it on what doesn't matter The question is where do u fall back to What do u have to show for It saddens me to see or hear about young people losing their lives just cos they wanna feel among or just because they wanna be the talk of the town Some of u even engage in hard drugs  ohhh No!!! Life is no competition we all can step up our games and become better in life A piece from my heart  #EmmiGenius Thanks for reading Don't forget to share to inspire others Emmanuel Ehis john Consultant GlitzMediaHouse


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